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Be Bold, Take Risks, Have Fun!

11 January 2015 - 10kgen -

Creative projects are necessarily a combination of my client’s expertise and my expertise. Together we can do and make things which cannot be done by either of us alone. The process becomes a 1 + 1 = 10 experience. I love that!

You know your business. You are the expert in your specialty, your market, your goals. I know my business. I know how to get noticed, how to inspire interaction. Equally important, I enjoy learning − each project allows me to dive into something new and exciting.

Be willing to consider new ideas and new perspectives. The great advantage of the creative outsider is that they are NOT stuck in your business culture. They can see the project from so many angles and play with ideas and words and looks and come up with something different and noticeable for you.

Often a client is so close to all the small details of running their business that it is difficult to see the bigger picture. They are stuck in the proverbial trees and cannot see the forest. It is easy to overwhelm their prospects with peripheral information and business jargon instead of focusing on how they can solve a specific need and communicating that in an engaging way.

It is important not to include too many people in the approval process. I ask my clients to BE BOLD, TAKE RISKS, and HAVE FUN! Committees are timid and become afraid to go to new places and be different. A group of people often rejects ideas that are different and attention grabbing. They tend to be safe instead of bold. They don’t take risks. And arriving at bland is not fun!

Let’s combine our expertise, make something bold that takes risks and is fun, and present it to your audience in a way they will understand and be motivated to take action on. Together, we can make dreams happen!