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Video: A Tribute to Indie Restaurants

27 September 2017 - restaurant

Where good food, friends, and family combine to make memories and magic.

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suzanne j pestiseeds: gmo faqs

Pestiseeds: GMO FAQs

11 November 2015 - saving seeds

There is growing public awareness of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), but a lot of confusion about what GMOs are, what foods they are in, and what evidence exists about GMO risks to health, sustainability, and biodiversity. This guide introduces issues and resources regarding genetically modified…

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Video: Man in the Maze

13 September 2015 - farming

This eight minute award-winning film offers keys to feeding the hungry by suggesting ways we can heal “our economies, our bodies, and the land.”

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3 chefs at pass

Be Bold, Take Risks, Have Fun!

11 January 2015 - community

Creative projects are necessarily a combination of my client’s expertise and my expertise. Together we can do and make things which cannot be done by either of us alone. The process becomes a 1 + 1 = 10 experience. I love that! You know your…

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Video: Start with Why

27 July 2015 - community

When you introduce yourself by sharing why you do what you do, you attract people who think like you do. You find your tribe. It’s a social world, not a “thing” world. You may care deeply about all the bells and whistles your product or…

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